It's-a me
turn off the computer? Fuck that. I Wnat to see yaoi. I want my yowie!! - @fudrilshi

Howdy, I'm THOTCRIMES. You can call me TC or Crimes. I'm a lesbian scumhag learning to be nicer to herself.

I'm a hobbyist collector, fujoshi, Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiast, and K-Pop fan. I have a propensity for self-deprecating humor and useless trivia.

I'm not good at intros so here's a list of random facts about me instead:

brocons bugs
brown lipstick grapefruit
EXO B-sides autoplay
peach rings being perceived
spicy food caramel
✉️ Email: hellothotcrimes@gmail.com | 📽️ MyDramaList: @JANE DOPE ☕ Status Cafe: @badmiracle | 📣 Mastodon: badmiracle@blorbo.social